Votorantim is a permanently capitalized investment holding company with long-term business.

With our diversified portfolio
we are present in various economic
sectors and are active in 19 countries.

How we do it?

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The right time

The right moment is the one we don't let slip away.
We remember every day that the decisions
we make today drive the results in the future.


The right way

For us, there is only one way: the right way. Our DNA carries a unique way of being and acting, which looks at our companies and us with ethics and respect.


With the right people

We have a clear commitment: to invest
in the best of each one to arrive
at the best of all. And we say this
this because we believe in people's strength
and the best they have to deliver.


Transparency assumptions
of publicly traded companies

We maintain corporate governance practices in a constant process of improvement, reflecting in the transformation of the portfolio, the advances of innovation culture, and the Boards of Directors and committees of the investees.

Who does it?

We believe in the best that each person has to deliver. To have the "V" of Votorantim is to be part of a transformation movement,
to work collaboratively for the future of the business portfolio and the positive impact that the company generates.


Votorantim's values are in all our organizations' DNA and show the way for each invested company in the portfolio, encouraging us to honor the past, guide the present and guide the future, and translate our way of being, doing and going beyond.


Being ethical, honoring our history and building the future with respect.

We have integrity and always act ethically, anywhere in the world. Trust and respect for individuality and differences is what brings us together and allows us to evolve. Integrity rewards, drives, and sustains the success of our business.


Believing in a constant and constructive dialogue between people, business and society.

We are guided by the mark that our actions will have on society. Our continuity only makes sense because we sustainably generate shared value. An ecosystem of collaboration and growth that values people allows the divergence of ideas and brings us closer to our clients.


Taking responsibility and driving results to build the future.

We know that the prosperity of our business comes from our noblest intentions and the results we achieve. That is why we inspire by example and work with dedication, continuously seeking to go further. We perform, we innovate, and we are brave enough.

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