As an investment company that operates in the management and evolution of its portfolio and the capital allocation, Votorantim is always open to professionals with the same values as the company and who are interested in developing their career in the financial market.

We also invest in the relationship with young professionals’ through initiatives with universities and junior companies and through ambassadors at the main career fairs.

Our Programs

We believe in a high performance culture, in personal and professional development and in the recognition of talents. Our programs recognize the value of the contribution of each employee to the company's performance.


More than just a stage in their career, our Internship Program aims to train professionals prepared to work in the financial market and the corporate environment.


In order to encourage the exchange of experiences, we offer exclusive programs for employees, in addition to content and events open to the public, to inspire, collaborate and undertake.

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Movimenta provides opportunities for talent mobility across the portfolio companies in a flexible, simple, and aligned way, with industry best practice, helping employees to take the reins of their own careers.

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Potenciar Program recognizes and provides the talents at Votorantim and portfolio companies with technical and behavioral training to accelerate their learning and development.

System (SDV)

All Votorantim professionals undergo an individual analysis that identifies each person's strengths, talents and potential. In that way, we can align people with the organization, learn more about their identity and understand each other's purpose.

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